Local Shropshire foods used in local Shropshire restaurants

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Few other counties in England can compete with the quality and diversity of our local produce. When you visit the many markets, laden with fresh fruit and veg' and see the butchers, bakers and delicatessens that are on almost every corner; you'll soon see why Shropshire is a gourmet's idea of heaven.

All this bounty has had an interesting effect on the local restaurants, pubs and inns. Ludlow alone has more Michelin-starred restaurants than anywhere else outside London. Of course Shropshire’s smorgasbord isn’t just about Michelin Stars. The effect of all this gastronomic excellence on our local pubs, restaurants and tea-rooms throughout Shropshire has also been profound. We have rosetted restaurants, national award winning pubs and inns all offering proper food, made from proper ingredients and at proper prices too.

As you sample the delights of Shropshire's fair you may ponder - how can one county produce so many quality establishments? The answer of course is in the view or more accurately the landscape and that patchwork quilt of ancient fields and hedgerows (and with much love and care from our chefs).

Visit us during one of the many festivals and enjoy proper food, real ale and locally made products. Our Shropshire Towns have so much to offer and nature's influence is seen in all they produce.

That's Shropshire for you. Bon appetit!

('It's good food and not fine words that keeps me alive': Moliere)