Ludlow Celebrates its Unique Independents

23rd November 2012

Almost 100 window stickers have been handed out to all shops that are independently owned in Ludlow town centre by it’s local Chamber of Trade and Commerce. The idea came about when a local designer and shop owner got talking about ways to help shoppers support the locally owned businesses in their high street.

Tish Dockerty, secretary of the Ludlow Chamber of Trade who’s championed the scheme says, ‘Well like anything that’s special and offers something different it’s important to raise awareness of it by developing a brand which consumers will quickly become familiar with when they walk round town. I’m just amazed at how many independently owned shops we have, it’s only when you do an exercise like this you realise.’

Ludlow’s high street offers many delights for local and visitors with three quality butchers and four bakers amongst many other speciality gift, food, interior and clothes shops. Ludlow sports a high street that many other medium sized towns would die for. Mary Portas has by no way had an influence here, as Ludlow has been like this for many years and throughout the recession, not without some closures but clearly new shops are opening up in their place.

Muff Murfin , Chair of the Ludlow Chamber of Trade and Director of Sunshine Radio adds, ‘We are totally committed to supporting local businesses. The Chamber have achieved a significant number of initiatives that have all paid their own way with no local authority grant money, including  a new visitor guide and website (, and Tinsel Tuesday Shopping Days in December which have free car parking and a special Christmas Craft Gift Market as well as the ‘Only in Ludlow’ Independent Shops campaign.