Made in Shropshire

16th October 2014

Made in Shropshire 'Made in Shropshire', a recipe book with a difference, a celebration of the amazing producers, chefs and foodies making Shropshire THE capital of Food and Drink.

Three passionate foodie heads coming together in the form of Beth Heath, Operations Director for Ludlow Food Festival and CEO of Shrewsbury Food Festival, Jo Hilditch of British Cassis and Photopia, food photographers and stylists. Following the success of Made in Herefordshire which sold over 3000 copies last year they have decided to do a ‘Made in Shropshire’ Book. This will be a celebration of the best of the region featuring producers, chefs and foodies – talking about what makes Shropshire the best, why our products are the most special and hopefully rising all the Shropshire foodie profiles giving us a way of working together to promote what we do!

What we have already is about 30 producers who are signed up to the book but we NEED MORE, we would like over 100 recipes in the book and to do this we need to get more foodies on board. Why should they? There seems to be a recipe book launched every five minutes so what makes this one different? Will it be one of these lightweight flimsy cookbooks? NO of course not, we want a product that will become a Christmas present, a coffee table feature. Sold in Farm Shops and Visitor Attractions across the region and beyond. The book will be full of beautiful photography, emphasising the quality of the food & drink it features, the stories behind the products and what makes them so special. The book will be printed on heavy grade uncoated matt paper, hardback, and will feature a muted colour palette highlighting the rural nature of the county, but with a fresh quirky twist.

So can you help us? YES PLEASE! What we would love is to be able to spread the word about this book, to get people talking and excited ready for the launch at Ludlow Food festival 2015. Yes it seems like a long way away at the moment but the special thing about this county is the seasons we will cross on the journey to publication, the damsons in autumn, the asparagus in the spring, winter veg and summer salads all will be featured. We wish to work with as many publications as possible to spread the word, to work in partnership maybe providing YOU with recipes and pictures to publish, links with passionate food producers and MUCH MORE! The journey has only just begun so join us on this exciting culinary adventure to the future of Shropshire Food and Drink coming together.