Buy Local

Our food is grown and gathered locally, brought to one of the many farmers markets still fresh and dew covered and then straight to the pot, pan or skillet. In Shropshire, we still have old-fashioned breeds that are bred for flavour, nurtured and cared for. For many in Shropshire “battery farming” means checking on the hens by torchlight.

The quality of locally produced meat, game, fruit, vegetables, dairy products and preserves is of paramount importance to our visitors who all appreciate the taste of Shropshire food and drink at its best.

Our fabulous local produce is positively bursting with flavour and goodness and everything else that the good earth has blessed us with, thanks to Shropshire's noble soil.

One of the many things you notice about Shropshire is just how many fields and open spaces we have – and that within those fields and open spaces, there’s a lot of growing and grazing going on. Some might wonder what happens to all that delightful produce.

Well, here’s a thing: after much gathering and collecting, we turn these ingredients into delightful Shropshire dishes. But we are far from selfish. Instead of scoffing it all ourselves we share it with as many visitors as we possibly can - in our pubs, restaurants, hotels, cafés and food shops, in fact anywhere where a passing stranger may be in need of some quality sustenance.

You can even take a bit of this Shropshire abundance away with you; fill your basket from our numerous award winning 'deli's', many of whom provide home smoked bacon from Maynards, organic food from Pimhill, Market Drayton Gingerbread, Quails eggs, local cheeses and real dairy ice-cream.To wash it all down with don't forget wines from Tanners in Shrewsbury or from the Wroxeter Roman Vineyard.

So why not buy some before it's all snapped up by Buckingham Palace and Harrods? (They know quality when they come across it). Following their success at the World Marmalade Festival, Ludlow Food Centre is already supplying Lady Windsor’s Marmalade and the Centre’s own Hand Cut variety to Fortnum and Mason in London’s Piccadilly.