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Betchcott, Church Stretton, SY6 6NP


About Middle Farm

Middle Farm British Lop pork is very special and very rare. Partly because we are not a commercial pig farm, with only a couple of breeding sows on site we have between 20-30 pigs a year that are slow grown and reared with much love and care, and partly because the British Lop is in fact the UK’s rarest breed.We use a small family run abattoir for all our slaughtering. The pigs are treated quickly and with respect. They are also hung for a minimum of ten days which is perfect for rare breed pigs. The fat enzymes in rare breeds take longer to break down and therefore longer hanging is required than for commercial pigs.We can also vouch for the important fact that all our pork is completely antibiotic free. All cuts and joints can be made to your requirement, alternatively you are most welcome to come to the farm and choose out of our freezers (please call before arriving). Boxes of fresh or frozen pork may be sent out on an over night delivery (mainland UK only)

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We don’t think there is enough noise about the amazing food and drink we have right here in Shropshire, so we’re giving everyone the recognition they deserve, and shouting it from the metaphorical rooftops!

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