Diversifying in to hampers to support local food and drink businesses
10 Feb 2021
by Admin

In 2020, as prospects of the Shrewsbury Food Festival going ahead looked slim, Shropshire Festivals diversified to launch the Shropshire Hamper Company - bringing together all the best food and drink products from the region.

Not only did this help to create new revenue for the business, it also helped to support many of the small food and drinks businesses that normally exhibit at their festivals.

Director of Fun at Shropshire Festivals, Beth Heath, had a hamper company many moons ago, so she knew what it was going to take to get a new hamper business off the ground in time for Christmas gift buying.

After clearing out husband Sid’s workshop and filling it to the brim with lots of delicious food and drink products from across the Marches region, getting her marketing team to launch a campaign and new website (and of course lots of sampling to make sure the products were just right!) the Shropshire Hamper Company was born!

Small food and drink producers, who were unable to exhibit at food festivals and farmers’ markets due to the pandemic, were delighted to be the selling their products to the new hamper company.

The response to the hampers was amazing – particularly with businesses placing large corporate bespoke orders as a thoughtful way of gifting clients and staff at Christmas.

Beth and her team were delighted to hear from producers, including Heather’s Harvest and Patchwork Pâté, that they were selling more products through the hamper company, compared to how much they sell at events such as the Shrewsbury Food Festival, organised by Shropshire Festivals.

The high sales of hampers indicate that the people of Shropshire are keen to get behind our local, independent food and drink businesses.

That’s great news for our members!

Visit to view their full range.