Quality Beef Boxes from Ellesmere
11 Feb 2021
by Admin

The Oteley Estate, situated on the shores of the mere in Ellesmere, has an array of premium beef boxes on offer which can be purchased from their newly launched website. The historic estate is home to two stunning herds of native breeds of British cattle - Beef Shorthorn and Highland.

The Oteley Estate has remained in the same family since the 1500s and has seen many changes over the years – from being a lavish country house to a hospital camp in the War.

One of the most notable ancestors was Sir Francis Kynaston, who was acquainted with both James I and Charles I. He was elected Member of Parliament for Shropshire and became esquire of the body to Charles I on the King's accession in 1625.

Today the estate is run by Ian and Clare Mainwaring, who introduced the Highland cattle on to the farm four years ago, alongside their short horn and commercial cattle.

The Highland cattle stay outdoors all year round roaming the meres and mosses, eating the rough grass and brambles and they have gained lots of attention from locals and visitors with their iconic long horns!

Even if an animal has only spent part of the year outside, they can still be defined as grass-fed but at Oteley, their Highlands are purely grass-fed and are free to roam the lush pasture all year round. They grow at their own pace on their 100% natural diet because really, there are no shortcuts to producing quality beef!

Their highlands are born there, they stay there and then they are sold directly to customers and local shops. That’s what we call low food miles! Due to the Highland’s extra layer of shaggy hair they don’t have a wasteful top layer of fat, resulting in leaner meat.

The beef boxes come in 10kg or 20kg selections, with long horn or standard beef options. The boxes contain a mixture of cuts, including slow cooked joints, steaks, and mince.

For locally reared beef with fantastic flavour, taste and quality, we recommend trying the premium offering from Oteley Estate.

Visit the brand-new website at to find out more.