Shropshire Liqueur Business Celebrates 50th Anniversary
28 Feb 2022

Chilton Liqueurs is celebrating 50 years of their locally produced spirits this year. The Shropshire business, based in Frodesley, specialises in making fruit-flavoured spirits. Chilton are known for their Damson Gin Liqueur, Seville Orange Gin Liqueur, and Raspberry Vodka Liqueur. 
The business began in 1972 and has been run by Fiona Rogers-Coltman for the past 15 years. It is sold all over the UK and is particularly popular in rural communities. Fiona has spent the last year handing over the business to new owners, to ensure its integrity and traditional processes remained intact. 
Rachel Frank, operations manager at Chilton Liqueurs, said, “We are thrilled to take the business to this historic milestone. To celebrate our Golden Jubilee during the same year as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, makes the anniversary even more special. 
“Our Shropshire made Liqueurs can be enjoyed all year round. They make a great alternative to Pimm’s or as an addition to Champagne in the summer months, or a winter warmer through the colder months.” 
Chilton Liqueurs use locally grown fruit. Their Damson Gin liqueur is made using Shropshire Prune Damsons that are slowly steeped in dry gin. 
Rachel continues, “Despite being a traditional business, much of our processes are forward thinking in terms of being kind to the environment. Aside from the Seville Oranges which we can’t source in the UK, we only use locally grown fruit and make the liqueurs here in Shropshire to reduce food miles. Our production method is almost zero waste – all we’re left with is the damson stone, as we make chutney from the fruit waste.  
“Our liqueurs can be enjoyed on their own, with a mixer or used in cocktails. They are available by the bottle or by the case. As we cross the half century threshold, we would love to see our liqueurs enjoyed further afield, particularly in country sports, in farm shops and beyond.” 
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