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About The Rusty BBQ Company

e Rusty BBQ Company started as a small independent producer of UK BBQ Rubs and Sauces, inspired by the classical American flavours but re-worked to showcase the very best we have to offer here in the UK. Using only UK produced herbs in our Rubs and Sauces, it is our aim to promote the UK economy and deliver tasty, unique products produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. As a competing UK BBQ Pitmaster, BBQ perfection is at the very heart of our company. We have experienced and honed the very best techniques the U.S. and Europe have to offer, combining it with strong knowledge of butchery and ingredient sourcing to enable us to produce stellar UK BBQ cuisine which we offer through our event catering and festival 'Street Food' model.

Join us in shouting about awesome Shropshire Produce

We don’t think there is enough noise about the amazing food and drink we have right here in Shropshire, so we’re giving everyone the recognition they deserve, and shouting it from the metaphorical rooftops!

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